The introduction of Dongyang
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The introduction of Dongyang

¡¡¡¡Dongyang (with a population of 802,000 people) lies in the central area of Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 1739 square kilometers. It administrates 11 towns, 1 county, 6 subdistrict offices, and it belongs to the Delta Economic Region of the Yangtzi River. It has been ratified by the State Council as an open-up city and a famous cultural city with a long history in the central area of Zhejiang. Dongyang county was first set up in 2nd year of XinPing Reign of East Han Dynasty(195A.D.),and it has been over 1800 years since then. Dongyang is famous for the reputation of "Prestigious County of Wu Region."And"Land of picturesque scenery." Also it is celebrated for its wonderful and distinguished style of art, architecture and education. Dongyang owns the fame of "home of talent" for a galaxy of capable people. Such as Jin Fuzhuang, a famous general for northern expedition. Shao Piaoping was an outstanding Journlist of Our Time. The noted physical scientist Yan Jici, celebrated botanist Cai Xitao.
¡¡¡¡The reform and opening policy has accelerated development of economy, growth of comprehensive strength, enlargement of opening, change of city and country appearance, promotion of standard of people¡¯s living. The city ranks among the top 100 counties (cites) in china, and the first well-off counties (cities) in Zhejiang Province .It is listed as one of the 17 cities with strong economic development, and of the first 13 highly civilized cities(county-level cities) in zhejiang. In the year 2007, the city's GDP reached 21.022 billion RMB yuan , and its revenue added up to 2.718 billion RMB yan. The per capita disposable income for urban households totaled 15,941 RMB yuan , and the per capita net income for farmers amounted to 8,005 RMB yuan.
¡¡¡¡The investment environment of Dongyang is preferential .The transportation system is highly developed in Dongyang. The urban area is about 164 kilometers away from the Hang Zhou, 168 kilometers away from the Ningbo, 18 kilometers away from the Yiwu railway station, 25 kilometers away from the Yiwu airport. Hang Zhou"Jin hua"Qu zhou freeway located on its west. And there are two freeways (Jinhua"Ningbo freeway and Zhuji"Yongjia freeway) running through Dongyang. There is a very developed transport system in Dongyang city. Total mileage is 1884 kilometers. A half-hour economy circle of high efficiency has come true in the city. Dongyang has long been well-known as ¡°the land of hills and waters¡± with abundant tourist resources and numerous scenic spots and historical sites. In the city, there are many ancient remains such as dinosaur fossils, the New Stone artifacts, Wu vaults of Five Dynasties (907-960 A.D.) and the ancient tomb clusters of the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046-771 B.C.). As the major historical and cultural sites under state protection, Luzhai Ancient Building Group of Ming and Qing Dynasties is also located in Dongyang. Besides, there is a Credit-Grade AAAA national tourist site Hengdian World Studios. As for the provincial-level and municipal-level tourist attractions, there are more than 30 including Sandu Landscape Resort and Luohe Mountain.In 2007 the power supply in Dongyang amounted to 0.54 billion kwh. Besides, the area abounds in water resources:?its annual runoff capacity is 1.6 billion cubic meters on average and its total storage capacity reaches 400 million cubic meters. Within the area there stands a waterworks which can supply 100,000 tons of water a day and whose headwaters is Hengjin Reservoir located in the upper reaches of Dongyang River. The water quality is renowned to attain a nation-set standard of first-class drinking water.
¡¡¡¡Dongyang CPC Committee and Government pay much attention to create an excellent circumstance for the whole city and attach more importance to the repairment year of investment environment, year of attracting investment. The Government also promulgates a series of preferential decree, and has set up the Municipal Administrative Service Center. It carries out the policy of simplifying the procedure and standardizing the collect fees to offer more convenient service for people and enterprises.
¡¡¡¡Industry is an important pillar for the economy of Dongyang. The city boasts a wide range of industrial sectors, led by electronic, machine building, magnetic material producing, and medical and chemical industries. In recent years, it is striving to found an advanced manufacturing of international industrial adjustment and transfer, and by holding a strong belief in diversified development, and-round consistency with international standards, and introduction of dominant industries. At present, Dongyang has become the largest magnetic material production and exportation base in China. Among all its magnetic materials, the output of permanent magnet alnicos, alnicos in microwave ovens, and soft magnetic cores ranks first in the world, and that of soft magnetic ferrites and horn-shaped permanent magnet alnicos tops the list in China, hence the title of ¡°the Capital of China¡¯s Magnetic Material Production.¡± It is also the third largest medical and pharmaceutical city in Zhejiang, and boasts a group of leading companies in this sphere, such as Hengdian Kangyu Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd, Zhejiang Garden Biological High-tech Co.,Ltd, and Zhejiang Hansheng Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. These corporations are developing rapidly and have become a vital new force in the pharmaceutical industry of the city or even the province. In 2007, the industrial added value of Dongyang reached 9.65 billion RMB yuan, accounting for 45.9% of the city¡¯s GDP. Dongyang has very developed building industries. It has contraction base which yearly output is 0.5 billion and also has 30 contraction bases which yearly output is 0.1 billion. In recent years, Dongyang city has construed more than 100 qualified projects above provincial level, and has won state "Luban Prize" 13 times. There are 134 third-class or above architectural enterprises, among which are 4 superfine contractor units, 15 first-class enterprises and 31 second-class enterprises. In 2007,the total income of architectural industry reached 54.3 billion RMB yuan. In agriculture, implemented with science and technology and given energetic support to develop special and profitable agriculture, the structure of agriculture has been optimized. Agriculture facilities and water conservancy project have been developed and the 6th "Dayu prize" was honored. By the end of 2007, the total farm machinery power had reached 436,100 Kws, and the area of stable yields despite drought and flood had covered 20,570 hectares.Dong yang is rich in special local product. The Main specialty are ham, Chinese medicine, tea, and straw mat. It especially riches in Yuanhu, Baishu, Shaoyao, Beimu, and Yuanhu"s output is NO.1 in China. Qianxiang Chinese medical market is one of the ten largest Chinese medical markets in China. Dongyang has processed ham nearly 1200 years and "Xuefangjiang" ham is especially good and many international prizes have been awarded. " Dongyang Chunya" tea has been famous since Tang dynasty and it was the tribute in that time. Dongyang is also the biggest "straw mat" production base in China. Dongyang woodcarving is one of the three famous woodcarvings in Zhejiang. "Seventeen Gods" and "Fisherman" (Bamboo weaving) won the golden prizes in Chinese Folk Arts Exhibition. In 1997, the large wood "carving screen titled "Sailing Home" which was manufactured by Dong yang General Wood-carving Factory, was given to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region from Zhejiang Provincial People's Government as a gift to celebrate China"s resuming of sovereignty over Hong Kong.
¡¡¡¡Nowadays, Dongyang carries out all-round city development project.The urban construction has been changing with each passing day. In the north of the city, a new area (covering 6 square kilometers) has been built up in 3 years. There are 181 enterprises in industrial area (covering 7 square kilometers). In the west, the infrastructure of provincial development area (covering 25 square kilometers) has been accomplished. 320 enterprises have been settled down there. In the south of the city, Dongyang government has quickened the development of Zhejiang's Movie and TV culture area. In the east, the government has developed the Eastern industrial area (covering 20 square kilometers). The urban area is 36 square kilometers now contrasted to 12 square kilometers in 1997. The population of urban area is 797,700 with the population of 80,000 in 1997. A modern middle city has taken shape.
¡¡¡¡Dongyang has rich talents resource outside Dongyang (who have the households of Dongyang). There are 200,000 talents in all walks of life, such as Building, Science and Education, etc. reflecting Dongyang talent"s characteristics. The talent outside Dong yang got 4 0 billion Yuan yearly output and 6 billion Yuan net income is. In order to make full use of this advantage, Dong yang government has carried out "Four Fetching" project. The four fetching are fetching enterprises, fetching capital, fetching technological project and fetching technical manpower forces. This project will accelerate Dongyang's economic development.
¡¡¡¡Dongyang has been called as "Home of culture" and "Home of Education" for a long time. There are 8,000 senior position employees, including 10 academicians, more than 800 doctors and post-doctors are present here. In 1989, "Peoples Daily" once front-paged the news titled" a cradle of hundreds of doctors and thousands of professors" and praised the city as the home of professors and doctors. It also has been granted other titles, including "Excellent tourist city", "National advanced city in technology" etc. The first ¡°Dongyang Doctors¡¯Forum¡±was held in 2005.
¡¡¡¡During the ¡°Eleventh-Five-Year-Plan¡± period, Dongyang will adhere to the scientific view of development as its guideline, follow the overall requirement of ¡°developing the? city in a scientific way, strengthening the harmony of the society, building a well-off society in an all-round way, and making headways¡±, and endeavor towards ¡°a city with strong industry and thriving trade, with famous movie and TV culture, with large-scale construction projects, and with an advanced cultural and educational cause¡±, in order to forward an all-round and coordinated development in its economy, politics, culture, and society, to upgrade its overall competitiveness, to achieve the goal of a well-off society in an all-round way by the year 2010, and to lay a solid foundation for advancing the accomplishment of the modernization program in the main.
¡¡¡¡Dongyang, like a flowing song, a curling picture, is always so interesting and charming.£¨2008Äê8Ô£©